Some attributes
First Age: 13.8 billion years
Second Being: Deity
Third Race: Unknown
Other attributes
Fourth Weapon of choice: His words.

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A Sam propaganda poster from the early 20th century.

Sam is an entity/phenomenon that has been know to appear or occur, literally everywhere and anywhere. Signs of the occurrence is marked by a heavy set male with blue eyes and short hair appearing out of nowhere. That will be followed by him telling you to "Stop that." Once told to stop, the victim will most likely stop what they are doing. No man has ever had a strong enough will to resist being told to stop by Sam. After that, Sam will vanish. Sam is one of the major figures currently controlling the universe. He has been widely known for his catchphrase, "Hey, you need to stop that."

Sam in Legend Edit

Before time Edit

It is said that in the beginning there were 2 forces, the force of Sam, and the force of Topkek. During the creation of the universe by Topkek, Sam told him to stop that, and the universe began to deteriorate. But Topkek was persistent, which made him the only known being to allegedly defy the order of Sam. Being weakened by the words, Topkek was forced to retreat, and hid in one of the many galaxies he created. Sam continued to look for him throughout the years.

Modern Sam Edit

Around 10 billion years later, Sam came to the planet Earth, and came to discover that there was life there. He figured that only Topkek could be held responsible. It turns out he was right, as that was the planet that Topkek created his disciples on. Still not having found Topkek, Sam settled on the planet, to begin to take over.

The Incident Edit

On February 28, 2015, during the G3 Conference, Sam found what he was looking for. On that night at 11:15 pm, Sam heard a distant "Topkek" He materialized outside of his room to see 5 kids that were attending the Conference, the only ones still awake. At that moment he knew, they were the disciples of Topkek. After he materialized before their eyes, he spoke the words that haven't been heard since 13 billion years prior. That day marked the true return of Sam.

Legacy Edit

It is believed that during the next G3 Conference, Sam will strike again, triggering the final Topkek War and thus, the end of humanity itself. Some believe this to just be an allegation, but the more devoted members follow this belief with a passion.